10 Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in the USA

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Since the industrial age, fashion by artisans have become a symbol for the rich and famous. At the same time, manufacturers mass produced anything from undergarments to pants. They worked to provide sufficient clothes for everyone. Many retail and wholesale clothing vendors in the United States started centuries ago.

In the apparel industry, the wholesale clothing marketplace reigns supreme. While a lot of clothing vendors in the US have come and gone, some rise during the pandemic. 

If you're wondering what are the best wholesale clothing websites, we have you covered. Here is the top 10 clothing vendor list in the US:

Boulevard Apparel

Boulevard Apparel has 15 years of partnership with major wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA. As one of the best wholesale clothing USA vendors, it provides top-quality wholesale apparel. Boulevard Apparel offers retailers with up to 40%-80% off bulk orders.

Boulevard Apparel keeps the price low by stocking on inventory from manufacturers at a lower price. Though the items are produced on a large scale, the quality is still top-notch. Boulevard Apparel is known for its line of outerwear and outdoor clothes. 

CC Wholesale Clothing

This family-owned USA wholesale clothing vendor has 15 years of experience in the industry, so they know the market well. In 2010, they focused on online wholesale clothing and closed their physical stores.

Buyers are always in for great deals and discounts, and CC Wholesale knows what their needs well. The best quality apparel at the best price possible is the secret of its success.

Chase USA International Inc 

Chase USA International Inc. manufactures and imports apparel for kids and adults. With a wide range of merchandise and decades of experience, it is among the top-ranking bulk wholesale clothing suppliers in USA. 

Buyers can always find a good deal when searching from its clothing lines catering to all ages. You can take advantage of great deals up to 500 units in bulk, all in top quality and competitive prices.


FashionGo is one of the leading B2B US wholesale clothing vendors established in 2002. With decades of experience, it now has 1,400 sellers that cater to more than 700,000 customers. It is an excellent platform for buying and selling apparel.

Good clothes wholesalers in USA know the most cost-effective way of expanding sales - so does FashionGo. It always prides itself as the best vendor for clothing.

LA Showroom 

LA Showroom is one the most known US based wholesale clothing vendors. A long-time clothing supplier in USA, it promotes and sells bulk apparel worldwide.

Registered buyers can enjoy the convenience of buying from many brands in one transaction. LA Showroom makes sure to satisfy buyers with courteous services and rewards programs to offer great deals for every order.


As an e-commerce company, OrangeShine is dedicated to brand recognition. It all begins with captivating customers with attractive product images.

OrangeShine is one of the best wholesale clothing websites USA. It provides excellent photos of the best wholesale clothing. Registered buyers gain access to a variety of products and marketing resources.


Stylepick is one of the best wholesale websites for boutiques. Its mission is to connect vendors and retailers in the heart of e-commerce. It runs product lines from brands such as J.nna, Blue B, Day & Night, and many more.

Stylepick is focused on wholesale women's clothing USA. In the center of this B2B wholesale clothing marketplace is innovation. Besides, it is equipped with a well-designed interface for seamless purchasing. 

Tasha Apparel

A long-time recognized boutique wholesaler in USA, Tasha Apparel is known as one of the best wholesale websites for clothes. It provides top quality for wholesale fashion clothing USA. They are always on top of the latest trends.

This LA-based clothing wholesaler first launched its website in 2008. It hires in-house designers with experience from some of the biggest names in fashion. With 15 years of experience, Tasha Apparel provides the latest trends at an affordable price.

Wholesale Central 

Wholesale Central assists retailers in finding reputable vendors. If you want to establish your brand and scale your business, partnership with good quality wholesale clothing distributors USA is essential. 

Wholesale Central has prescreened the clothing suppliers shown on its website. With its help, you can easily find the best source for wholesale boutique clothing made in USA.

Wholesale Fashion Square

Established in 2006, Wholesale Fashion Square is one of the best USA vendors for clothes. With a wide range of apparel offerings, it is a one-stop-shop for anything about fashion, particularly for wholesale dresses in US.

WFS is one of the best wholesale websites for boutiques. It sells a wide range of accessories and clothes, along with great deals with every buy. Being fashion-forward and in line with the latest trends, it ensures that you can get the most stylish wholesale women's clothing USA.

There you have the 10 best wholesale clothing vendors USA. Being wholesale vendors in USA, they are all convenient sources of American wholesale clothing. However, if you are not running your business based in the US, you might have a difficult time reaching them.

If this is the case, FASHIONLINE will be the wholesale clothing website you need. With more than a decade of experience, we possess the highest caliber of production speed, design, and development. Local support is available to assist your fashion start-up globally.