10 Easy and Free Sweater Knitting Patterns

easy free sweater knitting patterns for beginners

Knitting a sweater or jumper could be fun. Yet, creating one requires a lot of time, patience, and self-discipline. Creativity and passion are also important factors to consider.

Sweater knitting is perfect for those with more spare time to spend at home, such as the seniors and homemakers. Some love it as a hobby, and others make a living from it.

Making sweaters involves many different techniques. For first-timers, choose whatever style you are comfortable with and keep practicing. Once you get familiar with it, you can go on to try a higher level of design.

Many starters have ever wondered how to knit a sweater. The first thing you need is a sweater pattern you can follow easily. Everyone starts as a novice, thus a free beginner sweater knitting pattern is advised for a new sweater knitter.

If you are willing to learn how to make a sweater, start to make a basic sweater from a simple knit sweater pattern and do it in the way of sewing you are confident in. 

How to Knit Your First Sweater

Before making your first sweater, you must learn the foundations of knitting. You are ready to go once you know the basics of purl and knit and have a sweater knit pattern.

A worksheet journal will be helpful as you may write down the information such as the size, needles, yarn, color, and gauge.

You can even note the sweater pattern you will use. That way, you would never lose track during work. It can also help keep a record of all the projects you have done in the past.

For starters, try easy and free knitting patterns for women's sweaters when you knit a jumper. If you feel ready for it, continue and check our guide on how to knit a sweater for beginners step by step:

1. Pick a Pattern

It will work the best if you start from a simple pattern, so that you can focus on fabrication. Garter, rib, or stockinette stitches will be an ideal option for you.

Knitting sweater patterns can consume a lot of time. Get yourself a yarn that is thick or worsted to make an easy momentum. The tricky part is to find a pattern that suits your body and taste.

2. Get the Gauge

Gauge is essential in keeping a sweater fit. Make a swatch of 6 inches square and block it before measuring. Precise measurement will be the key here.

3. Choose Yarn

Selecting the right yarn is crucial in providing great texture for the knit. Consider the style and pattern of your sweater when making the decision.

4. Gather Proper Tools

Collect all the tools that you will need before you start. Once ready, keep them in a bag or container. Use proper tools to ensure a better result in sweater making.

By following the steps above, you could easily knit sweater design at home. Two common approaches most knitters use are:

Start knitting from the neck and working the sweater down toward the hem. The sweater is usually completed in one piece.

Start from the hem and continue working up to the neck until it is finished.

10 Easy Sweater Patterns to Knit 

Now you already know the basics of sweater making. Great! It's time for our list of 10 free knit sweater patterns you can try at home: 

1. Simple Sweater 

For this knitted sweater pattern, you will use the bottom-up method and sew the pieces together. Knit every row on a chunky yarn; for the body, use a garter stitch. In this way you can complete the sweater in a week.

2. Extra Easy Sweater

An extra easy sweater to make, and extra fabulous at the same time! For this knitted sweater pattern, use lion brand wool-ease thick & quick yarn for fast results.

3. Basic V-neck Pullover

One of the most-tried simple knitting patterns for sweaters, great for beginners. Start in the round from the bottom up until the neckline. Then simple stockinette to the body. A v-neck collar and hemmed cuffs complete the sweater.

4. 80-20 Time Out Cardigan

You can try to seam a longer-length cardigan with a shawl collar and long sleeves. This free pattern compliments drop shoulder design. 

5. Tweedy Stripey

Tweedy Stripey is a straightforward knitting pattern for sweaters, making it an ideal choice for first-timers. It is simply a boxy pullover with a wide neckline and no shaping.

6. Weir Pullover

This sweater pattern knit is a v-neck sweater sewn from bottom-up in pieces. It has a bracelet-length sleeve and a hi-lo hem. Berroco Arno DK weight yarn is widely used in this easy knit sweater pattern for free.

7. Mimic Pullover 

Mimic pullovers are vest-like or shorter-sleeved, drop shoulder sweaters with no undershirt. Avoid short rows when knitting similar designs.

8. Gillian Pullover

Gillian is usually a typical and simple mock-neck pullover. This easy knitting pattern sweater is built from bottom-up and then seamed together, featuring Touch of Mohair yarn from the Lion Brand for softness.

9. Callie Pullover

Callie is a simple pullover pattern. It is knitted from bottom up with a cozy funnel neck and topped with a deep. This easy knit pullover sweater pattern has short sleeves and a simple silhouette. It utilizes Berroco Brielle worsted weight yarn to add depth and texture. 

10. Sandbar Pullover

Sandbar is a relaxed fit pullover. This knitted sweater pattern crew-neck sweater consists of pieces seamed together from bottom-up. Featuring a tuck-stitch pattern, it is usually made of Aran or worsted weight yarn.

How Long Does it Take to Knit a Sweater?

Knowing the time needed is one of the primary concerns before knitting a sweater for beginners. The time it takes to finish knitting a simple sweater depends on several factors, including the size, the type of sweater, the shape, and the length.

If you work on your sweater full time, you can finish it in a shorter time. Typically it will take a day or more to complete a simple sweater knitting pattern.

As a novice, making a sweater could take more than a month, depending on how many hours you spend a day. It's advised you read our step-by-step guide above before you start.


Now we all know how sweaters patterns knitting could take some time. Nevertheless, if you are an enthusiast, you will enjoy the process. Still, making a hand knitted sweater pattern for free on your own could be an exhausting task.

Besides, we learn that there are many ways to build a sweater, and a wide selection of sweater knitting patterns free to explore.

Remember, to ensure a good result, always begin with choosing the pattern and preparing proper gauge, pattern and tools. The worksheet book can be your guide and record for all of your sweater projects.

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